DrHGuy Prepares To Make Decisions, Takes Day Off

One week away from one of those birthdays endowed with particular significance by our culture and the Feds, I have some decisions to make. Consequently, I’ll be offline for a day or two… Continue reading

“The assumption is that the world is really very gay and jovial, and nothing terrible ever happens. I think [my] songs are true and they’re not for everybody…Their effect on people whose nature can respond to them is far from depressing.” Leonard Cohen

Leonard Cohen As Drawn By Zorro de la dehesa

Leonard Cohen Wins Beard Of Autumn Poll

“Religion is one of the art forms of mankind – perhaps its greatest art form.” Leonard Cohen

Video – Leonard Cohen In The Movies: “Winter Lady” In McCabe & Ms Miller Final Scene

Leonard Cohen & Joan Baez Puzzle Cards By Jihel

Complete Promotional DVD and CD Set Of “My Sad And Famous Songs: Leonard Cohen Live At The Isle Of Wight 1970″

Leonard Cohen On ‘Wild’ Soundtrack With Bruce Springsteen, Simon & Garfunkel, Portishead, Lucinda Williams …

“I was interested in writing a kind of poetry that has the same lyric limpidness as some of the Scottish Border ballads or Irish songs, and later some of the Spanish Civil War songs. The kind of verse I was writing was like ‘My lady can sleep upon a handkerchief, or if it be Fall upon a fallen leaf.'” Leonard Cohen

Leonard Cohen, Neil Young, Elvis Costello, Tom Waits, Bob Dylan, Nick Cave, Johnny Lydon As Painted By Ken Meyer Jr

“Golden Throats: A caricature exercise in oil…some of my favorite singers have ‘bad’ voices!”

Leonard Cohen-Inspired “Dance Me To The End On/Off Love” Returns To Centaur Theatre, Montreal: 19-22 Nov 2014

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