Leonard Cohen’s Definition Of A Manual For Living With Defeat – Q Magazine’s Superlative Report On The London Preview Of Popular Problems

We are all living defeat and with failure and with disappointment and with bewilderment. We are all living with these dark forces that modify our lives. I think the ‘Manual For Defeat’ is… Continue reading

CBC Offers Another “X Reasons To Love/Things About Leonard Cohen” List

List includes “Jeff Buckley’s cover of ‘Hallelujah’” and DrHGuy’s Uncredited Animation

Signs Of Leonard Cohen: Athens 2008

“The clear sense that you know you’re in the homeward stretch is a very compelling component in writing. A lot of other things fall away that you hoped would satisfy you like human life, and your work becomes a kind of haven, and you want to go there, and you’re grateful when the time opens in such a way that you can actually sit down and work at your own work, because everything else somehow has failed.” Leonard Cohen

Leonard Cohen’s 5 Best Collaborations According To Houston Post

Cohen Collaborators: Jennifer Warnes, Sharon Robinson, Phil Spector, Webb Sisters, Bob Dylan & Alan Ginsberg

“Hallelujah! Leonard Cohen shows that religious discourse can be funky.” Spiegel Review Of Leonard Cohen’s Popular Problems

“You haven’t lived till you’ve watched a Spanish journalist ask a Canadian musical titan about Scottish independence” Gigwise reports on London Preview Of Leonard Cohen’s Popular Problems

Signs Of Leonard Cohen: Invitation To Sept 16, 2014 Preview Of Popular Problems – London

Now In English Translation: El nuevo disco de Leonard Cohen suena en El Mundo

Signs Of Leonard Cohen: Leonard Cohen In Télérama

“It’s that simple, when one kisses the muse” Kurier Streams & Reviews Leonard Cohen’s Popular Problems

Leonard Cohen 80th Birthday Picto Cards: 5 DAYS TO 80 YEARS

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