Photo: Leonard Cohen Plays Bergen – 1988

Leonard Cohen As Drawn By Michael Fisher

Signs Of Leonard Cohen: Chicago Theatre Marquee 2009

“It is hard to be a poet maudit when you have a good tan.” Leonard Cohen

Photo: A Soulful Leonard Cohen – Rotterdam 1985

Photo: Leonard Cohen & German Promoter Celebrate Mutual Birthday – 1976

Photo: Leonard Cohen In Concert – National Stadium, Dublin 1979

Posted In Celebration Of The Dublin Leonard Cohen Event: Aug 7-10, 2014

Leonard Cohen’s Suzanne #8 & Hallelujah #11 On CBC’s “100 Best Canadian Songs Ever”

“To be able to find that song that I can be interested in takes many versions and it takes a lot of uncovering” Leonard Cohen

Video: 2013 Pula Soundcheck Fun – Leonard Cohen Rehearses Save The Last Dance For Me & Choices

Featuring The Naked Knees Of Alex Bublitchi & Mitch Watkins

Photo: A Teenaged Leonard Cohen In Jacket & Tie – 1952

Photo: Leonard Cohen Takes Bow With Rose 2008-2009

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