New & Improved Video: “Is This What You Wanted” By Leonard Cohen – Paris 1976

The Most Halloweenish Leonard Cohen Song

Kris Kristofferson Halloween Mask for Leonard Cohen (Well, He Can’t Go As Leonard Cohen, Can He?)

Mask inspired by Leonard Cohen telling Janis Joplin, who was searching for Kris Kristofferson at the Chelsea Hotel, Little lady, you’re in luck, I’m Kris Kristofferson

“Buddhist meditation frees you from God and frees you from religion. You can experience complete at-homeness in this world.” Leonard Cohen

Leonard Cohen “Almost Like The Blues” Lithograph

Leonard Cohen In Costume For Trick Or Treating?

Leonard Cohen Tells 1988 Helsinki Audience 5 Things He Knows About Finland (Even Before He Knew Jarkko)

I don’t know much about you. I know that there are 126 members of your Parliament that are not socialists and 76 that are. It’s not much to know about anybody. I know… Continue reading

Perla Batalla Performing In The Gospel According to Leonard Cohen – New York Nov 9, 2014

“Onstage, offstage, digital or analog, I love Perla Batalla.” —Leonard Cohen

Every Halloween The Duchess regrets not having read the fine print in her wedding vows

Statistical Analysis Shows Proportion Of Leonard Cohen Songs Rated Sad Is Lower Than Study Average

Leonard Cohen’s formula for choosing radio stations when driving: “Driving over 60, I like to listen to country-western or pop music. Between 40 & 60, I like classical music. Then, in city traffic, like under 30, I like to listen to talk shows.”

2 Photos: A Somber Leonard Cohen

For That Leonard Cohen Halloween – Worm On A Hook Costume

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