Photo Of Leonard Cohen Chosen For 2009 Playboy (Polish Edition)

Art By Leonard Cohen: Come Gather

“Nobody’s going to win this, not the men not the women not the socialists, not the conservatives. Nobody’s going to win this deal. The only time we win is that moment when we drop the battle and we affirm the whole situation with this embrace.” Leonard Cohen

Two Photos: Leonard Cohen with his son Adam & his sister Esther – Los Angeles 2002

Photos: Leonard Cohen Prepares A Pastrami Sandwich

“This Cohen fellow, he’s in real life some sort of registered, karma-toting, certified Zen monk, so perhaps [at the 2009 Columbus concert] we saw actual perfection”

Video: 1966 Movie “Angel” With Soundtrack By Leonard Cohen

Michael Bublé’s concern that men will throw underpants at him if he covers “I’m Your Man” & Leonard Cohen’s reply

I always thought it [‘I’m Your Man’] was a wonderful song — desperate, sexy, and dark. I actually called Leonard [Cohen] and told him I was afraid of performing it live. When he… Continue reading

Leonard Cohen As Drawn By Shaycojo

Photos: A Somber Bob Dylan & Leonard Cohen On Guitar

Allison Crowe Performs “I Saw Three Ships” From Souling Album

Q: Which song do you wish you had written? Leonard Cohen: “If It Be Your Will.” And I wrote it.

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