For That Leonard Cohen Halloween: The Order Of The Unified Jack-o’-lantern

Signs Of Leonard Cohen: Popular Problems Poster 2014

Leonard Cohen’s Montreal: The Montreal Pool Room

“Most men have a woman in their heart and most women have a man in their heart. There are people that don’t. But most of us cherish some sort of dream of surrender. But these are dreams and sometimes they’re defeated and sometimes they’re manifested.” Leonard Cohen

“There is a whole tradition of music where you just want to hear the man telling a story as authentically as you can. That is why there is a place for singers like me.” Leonard Cohen

Video: Leonard Cohen Performs Hey, That’s No Way To Say Goodbye – Rotterdam 2013

Now In English Translation: Leonard Cohen Chair presents CREA.DOC, a documentary cycle on contemporary art

Leonard Cohen on the “contract between lovers in this shattered landscape” set forth in “Waiting for the Miracle”

Leonard Cohen As Depicted By Franck de Las Mercedes

Forget your perfect offering: Polish Cassette Inlay Limits Leonard Cohen To A Single “Various Position”

Cassette itself is titled “Various Positions” – by “Lenard Cohen”

Halloween Jack-o’-lantern Carved By Leonard Cohen – 1994

“There’s no way you’d really want to present the naked shivering animal to a perfectly innocent journalist, there’s no way to preserve one’s dignity and really reveal the shameful and menacing experiences that produce one’s own life and work.” Leonard Cohen

When you read stories about you, do you recognize yourself, or does it seem like they’re talking about somebody else? It feels very far from the experience of one’s own life. There’s no… Continue reading

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