Photos: 70 Years Of Bagpipers Piping For Leonard Cohen

Joni Mitchell On Meeting Leonard Cohen At The 1967 Newport Festival: “Leonard did ‘Suzanne’ … I went, ‘I love that song. What a great song.’ Really. ‘Suzanne’ was one of the greatest songs I ever heard. So I was proud to meet an artist. He made me feel humble, because I looked at that song and I went, ‘Woah. All my songs seem so naive by comparison.’ It raised the standard of what I wanted to write.”

This picture of us hugging at the [1967] Newport Folk Festival … Leonard did “Suzanne.” I’d met him and I went, ‘I love that song. What a great song.’ Really. “Suzanne” was one… Continue reading

Listen To Leonard Cohen’s Spoken Word Recitation Of “Almost Like The Blues” At New Yorker

Video: Leonard Cohen Talks About, Performs Chelsea Hotel #2 – 1979

10 Most Popular Posts At – The Leonard Cohen Online Journal: Aug 25-31, 2014

#1. A Consideration Of Leonard Cohen’s New Cane

“The image I’ve been able to gather of myself from the press is of a victim of the music industry, a poor sensitive chap who has been destroyed by the very forces he started out to utilise. But that is not so, never was. I don’t know how that ever got around.” Leonard Cohen 1974

Video: Leonard Cohen’s Almost Like The Blues, Chords Of Salvation For People Everywhere

Leonard Cohen’s 80th Birthday Trilogy – Part 3

Recommended Reading: Origins Of & Insights Into Leonard Cohen’s “Ballad Of The Absent Mare”

Desolation Angel: Review Of Leonard Cohen’s 1985 Philadelphia Concert Now Online

Similar Signs Of Leonard Cohen (and Martha Wainwright): Bruges 2008

From the church where the outcasts can hide/Or the mosque where the blood is dignified/Like the fingers on your hand/Like the hourglass of sand/We can separate but not divide/From the eye above the pyramid/And the dollar’s cruel display/From the law behind the law/Behind the law we still obey/Democracy is coming to the U.S.A.

Verse written for but not used in final version of Democracy by Leonard Cohen.

DrHGuy On Family Leave

DrHGuy & the Duchess are overseeing the convalescence of their son, the Prodigal, who asked for and received from the skillful and accommodating surgeon at Duke University Hospital the above action shot of… Continue reading

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