Photos Of & Advice From “Moody singer Leonard Cohen and his girlfriend Anjani [on] how to be happy together”

“‘Relationship’ … This expression has an ominous, almost sinister connotation. Everyone working on their relationships, always discussing it, that can certainly cause only grief. What we two [Cohen & Anjani Thomas] have, is better – there is no word for it. ” Leonard Cohen

Photos: Working For Leonard Cohen’s Smile – 1988

Video Flashback: Rolling Stone Features “Leonard Cohen’s Miraculous Resurrection in 2008″

“On May 11th, 2008 [the Fredericton Playhouse in New Brunswick, Canada] served as the launching pad for one of the most extraordinary (and unexpected) resurrections in rock history.”

Photo: A Happy, Smoking Leonard Cohen

Video: From Best Of 2010 Leonard Cohen Tour – Vancouver Performance of Anthem With “Boring Old Drone” Comments

“Something strange happened when I first heard Leonard Cohen’s songs [1967]. I had the impression that I wrote those songs. And then it was more than desire, it was a deep need to make him known to a French audience because I found what he said to be very passionate.” Graeme Allwright

Leonard Cohen On Tattoos: Like A Bird On A Wire …. I Have Tried In My Way To Be Free

Signs Of Leonard Cohen: Cards – Verona 2012

Prodigal Departs – DrHGuy Posting To Resume April 24, 2014

Photo: Leonard Cohen – “I made Leonard Cohen laugh (by telling him to not even smile) so I could erase forever that cover of his in Songs of Leonard Cohen”

“The style of music changes very swiftly in America, whereas in Europe the audiences themselves change more slowly and their loyalty is deeper.” Leonard Cohen

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