Signs Of Leonard Cohen: A Tribute to Leonard Cohen and 80th Birthday Party – Mexico City

Leonard Cohen Playing Card From Finnish Fame Alias Game

“You have to dig down for that true voice, which you’ve heard in others–a Billie Holiday or a Hank Williams–and you try to find it in your music. It’s a way of proving you deserve to be here … You deserve to get a girl or deserve to walk out on the street. ” Leonard Cohen

Photo: A Very Young Leonard Cohen & His Mother, Masha

Girls Gone Wild Over Poet Leonard Cohen: “Normally cool, level-headed, and rational…females reacted to the poet like a mob of teenie-boppers leaving a performance of that modern teen-age aphrodisiac–the Beatles” 1966 – 1 Year Before Cohen’s 1st Album

“Young women apparently took one look at Mr Cohen’s mystic countenance, heard one word spill from his magic lips, saw one seductive roll of his soft, brown eyes, and then suddenly began to… Continue reading

3 Photos: Leonard Cohen On Tour 1972

Video: Leonard Cohen Performs “Everybody Knows” Featuring John Bilezikjian On The Oud At Roskilde 1988

“[Canada] has an experimental side to it. We are free from the blood myth, the soil myth, so we could start over somewhere else. We could purchase a set of uninhabited islands in the Caribbean. Or we could disperse throughout the cosmos and establish a mental Canada in which we communicate through fax machines.” Leonard Cohen (1992)

Hear Marissa Nadler’s Cover Of Leonard Cohen’s “Seems So Long Ago, Nancy”

Master Songs: En Bog Om Leonard Cohens Sange – A Book About Leonard Cohen Songs

“We engage in an intimate conversation with the dancer.” Review Of Lost in Motion II Dance Film Featuring Leonard Cohen’s Avalanche

Leonard Cohen on why he rarely reads poetry (1992): “I found it very difficult to expose myself to those whisperings, the myriad of private desires and dreams–I just couldn’t accommodate all this data of the heart.”

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